About Us

The Edgewood Neighborhood is organizing the 2nd Annual Mac & Cheese Festival at Walker Park, scheduled for October 7th, 2017! The annual tradition continues to promote the neighborhood as a thriving intown hub for urbanites migrating inward, and to raise money for Neighbor in Need, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to ensuring affordability for longtime residents of the Edgewood neighborhood. Edgewood still retains its old-town flavor and resonates with the sounds and sensations of an early Atlanta blue-collar rail district.

This will be the best Mac & Cheese Festival in the Southeast. The tasting event will showcase between 20 and 30 vendors from local restaurants, chefs, and caterers. The festival is open to restaurants, caterers, private chefs and food trucks. Please email info@edgewoodmacandcheesefestival.com for more information on how to participate.